Plug and play reactor modules for flow chemistry

Published: 23-May-2022

Uniqsis offers a range of affordable plug and play reactor modules that have been designed to make high-performance flow chemistry accessible to everyone

With an operating temperature range of ambient to +300 °C, the HotCoil reactor heating module represents a cost-effective entry solution into flow chemistry. Simply add your own pumps to create a basic flow chemistry system.

With its clear bright LED display and simple “push-to-set” controller, the HotCoil is ideal for standalone operations. Alternatively, it can be controlled with the Uniqsis FlowSyn integrated flow chemistry system, binary pump module or by using FlowControl software.

The HotCoil is also compatible with a range of glass and stainless-steel column reactor/accessories to support various catalyst/enzymatic screening applications.

HotChip is a standalone heater module that provides precise temperature control of flow chemistry glass static mixer (GSM) chip reactors. The Uniqsis range of chemically resistant borosilicate glass chip reactor blocks can be used as static mixers to ensure effective mixing before a coil reactor or to perform fast exothermic reactions when reaction times are less than 1 minute.

Plug and play reactor modules for flow chemistry

Available in sizes from 270 µL to 20 mL, GSM chips from Uniqsis can be used to perform reactions from –80 °C to more than 230 °C.

The Cold Coil II Flow Reactor Module from Uniqsis is designed to provide a flexible, entry level solution for low-temperature flow chemistry applications.

Used in conjunction with an external thermoregulation circulator, the Cold Coil II can maintain stable temperatures between –78 °C and +150 °C for extended periods of time.

A glass cover is provided with the Cold Coil II to eliminate convective effects within fume cupboards. A vacuum jacketed glass cover is also available and is recommended for use with the device at very low temperatures.

The Cold Coil II is compatible with all Uniqsis coil reactors (from 2.0–60 mL capacity). An adapter can be fitted to the top of the cold coil module to support various glass static mixer chips.

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