Portable secure cold storage for medical and clinical media in extreme conditions

Published: 8-Jan-2013

New Shuttle Portable Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers from Cole-Parmer

Now, a lightweight portable freezer with an ultra-low -86°C to -20°C temperature range can go places a conventional compressor freezer cannot go. The new energy-efficient Shuttle Portable Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer from Cole-Parmer offers secure mobile transport of high-value vaccines or biological specimens. Its unique functionality is ideal for biorepositories, medical/surgical suites, pathology laboratories, tissue banks, regenerative medicine and other applications in clinical or diagnostic medicine, research and pharmaceutical distribution.

A Stirling engine operates the low temperature freezer, which requires no compressors, dry ice, or LN2, and expends the same volume of energy as a conventional light bulb. The Humm free-piston Stirling engine uses two moving parts that float on helium gas bearings to eliminate contact wear. The linear driver modulates engine power to deliver cooling on demand without on/off cycling.

The thermosiphon evaporator freezes contents. A microcharge of environmentally friendly cooling medium creates a uniform ultra-low temperature via a continuous process of evaporation and condensation within the sealed tube.

Weighing 42 lbs, the portable freezer is efficient for both benchtop and field uses. A weather-resistant touchpad offers digital temperature display indicating interior temperature and error codes. It includes temperature presets of -20⁰, -40⁰, or -86°C and a system lock indicator. It can be adjusted by 1⁰C intervals and features visual and audible alarms.

The freezer’s rugged cabinet withstands travel, and its composite vacuum-insulation panels with CFC-free foam protect contents from high ambient temperatures. When not in use, the cabinet can be stored on side, end or upside down. A double gasket seals the interior chamber and provides dual protection against moisture and heat gain. Moulded-in handles are easy to grip.

The freezer operates on both AC/DC (12V) power by simply switching the included power cord.

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