Purified gelatin outperforms alternatives for 2D cell culturing

Published: 5-Jan-2022

Recent research has shown non-endotoxin purified gelatins and other coating materials induce less cell growth and more shape variation in 2D culturing

Rousselot, Darling Ingredients’ health brand, has highlighted the results of a recent study which reportedly demonstrated its GMP-grade gelatins outperformed standard non-endotoxin purified research grade gelatins and other coating materials in 2D cell culturing.

To secure and grow cells, the company used gelatin, a biomaterial derived from collagen, to recreate the natural cellular environment within a laboratory setting. It investigated the effect of three different coatings on the morphology and proliferation of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (AD MSCs): X-pure gelatin, a commercially available research-grade gelatin, and standard fibronectin coating material.

The cell morphology of cells grown on discs coated with X-Pure or commercial gelatin showed elongated and aligned cells with a spindle shaped morphology, whereas the cells on fibronectin were less dense with more diversity in shape.

In addition, the company’s gelatin coating resulted in approximately 70% increased cell growth (measured as lactate production during a 7-day culture period) compared to fibronectin. The research-grade, non-purified gelatin coating resulted in an approximately 35% increase.

“The use of low endotoxin gelatin should be standard practice in cell culture applications,” commented Jos Olijve, Scientific Support Manager at Rousselot. “Not only it is essential to nurture and promote cell growth to achieve consistent and reliable data, but as you move from basic cell therapy research to the clinic, low endotoxin products with complete documentation and traceability are essential for regulatory approval. Using purified, consistently produced, and high-quality biomaterials throughout product development minimises the risk of unexpected and inconsistent results and speeds up translation.”

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