Purolite and CPI to evaluate Praesto Protein-A resins

Published: 22-Sep-2016

These chromatography resins improve process efficiencies across early and late clinical trials for biologics

Purolite Life Sciences is to work with the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) on an evaluation study of Purolite’s Praesto high flow agarose-based Protein-A chromatography resins.

These resins are used in biomolecule purifications and enable high yields and have a long functional lifetime.

Hans Johansson, Applications Leader at Purolite Life Sciences, said CPI has the necessary resources to support the firm's downstream resin innovations from its £38 million National Biologics Manufacturing Centre in Darlington, UK.

'We also teamed up with a leading pharmaceutical company who backed this novel study and provided the feed material,' he said.

CPI is using PerkinElmer’s analytical assays in this evaluation study, which help to measure the residual process related impurities of the project.

The firm's AlphaLISA technology and purity measurements with will be used with its LabChip GXII analysis hardware.

Chris Major, Sales Director for Purolite Life Sciences, said: 'Our strategy has been to provide Protein-A resins that are designed to significantly improve the cost efficiencies across early and late stage clinical trials.

'Our clinical Protein-A resin, Praesto AC, addresses PI and PII needs, reducing costs by up to 65% and increasing facility throughput.'

Major added: 'The collaboration with CPI will allow us to fast track our programme of increased downstream process efficiencies through our range of agarose resins.'

CPI’s National Biologics Manufacturing Centre, which opened in September 2015, was established to support the UK biologics industry.

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