Pylote and Pharmaster collaborate to offer innovative ophthalmic solutions

Published: 30-Oct-2017

Pylote, new to the green mineral chemical sector and Pharmaster, a specialist large-scale production and industrialisation of sterile non-injectable liquids and aseptic filling, signed an agreement to offer their respective clients innovative and preservative free ophthalmic solutions

Part of the Synerlab Group, Pharmaster brings its expertise of large-scale production and industrialisation of sterile non-injectable liquids, with or without preservatives and its knowledge of aseptic filling solutions for ophthalmic application.

Pylote brings its innovative Pyclear product, protecting patients from external microbial contamination and the side effects of preservative, without any change in the industrial process or treatment method.

Pylote will provide Pylote Added — read to use, 3-part ophthalmic packaging solutions.

The Pylote Added packaging components, filled on Pharmaster’s aseptic filling lines will bring real competitive advantages in term of safety and antimicrobial protection in full compliance with worldwide regulations, removing the use of preservatives from ophthalmic products, while eliminating all risk of contamination throughout the total duration of use, thus ensuring patient safety.

"This mutual referencing agreement with Pharmaster is the logical continuum of our 2016 industrial partnership in Europe with Argo to offer the ideal eco-friendly industrial and cost effective answer to the health authorities concerned by the adverse effects of preservatives in ophthalmic preparations," said Loïc Marchin, CEO of Pylote.

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