Qualicaps now offers Quali-GTM Liquid, the definitive solution for low and very low viscosity liquid formulations

Published: 30-Nov-2022

Liquid-filled capsules are one of the successful and encouraging strategies to face the multiple challenges faced by the pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare industries today

In recent years, the applications for liquid-fill encapsulation have considerably grown due to an increasing number of pharmacologically active substances that exhibit biological activity at extremely low concentrations (Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), poorly soluble ingredients, biologicals, probiotics, and others within the company pipelines.

Liquid-filled capsules present functional benefits that enable the successful development of new complex pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations. These innovative oral dosage forms can overcome many of the ingredients' troubling chemical and physical properties that affect the effectiveness and efficacy of the final product, such as solubility, moisture-sensitivity, hygroscopicity, oxidation, and others. 

They are optimal for active drugs with a low melting point, as the heat resulting from tablet compression may affect the API activity. Furthermore, they are a better alternative to tablets for Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients such as cytotoxic agents as there is less risk of cross-contamination and less exposure to dust during the manufacturing process.

Additionally, from a commercial business perspective, these specific solutions can accelerate the market speed by reducing development time, reformulating old products, re-introducing them in a new form, and lengthening product lifecycles and patent protection.

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