Refeyn launches SamuxMP Auto for automated AAV capsid analysis

Published: 20-Feb-2023

New mass photometer characterises AAV sample purity and empty/full ratio, with less manual operation time and greater reproducibility

Mass photometer manufacturer Refeyn has announced the launch of its new Samux Auto mass photometer, which reduces manual operation time while increasing reproducibility in adeno-associated virus (AAV) characterisation. 

This new benchtop automated mass photometer addresses a major bottleneck in AAV development and manufacturing: the need to efficiently characterise samples at multiple stages throughout bioprocessing. The Samux Auto autonomously determines AAV sample purity, aggregation, and empty/full ratios, enabling scientists to save time and effort in their workflows. 

The Samux Auto delivers precise and reliable characterisation of up to 24 samples in as little as 90 minutes, without the need for operator supervision or input during that time. Current Samux users can also augment their system with the robotics unit. This enables them to improve their workflows and enhance their productivity while benefiting from reduced room for human error and the ability to standardise workflows for more consistent and reliable measurements. 

We are committed to innovating and delivering unique and cost-effective solutions to the challenges faced by our customers

The introduction of the Samux Auto demonstrates and reinforces Refeyn’s ongoing commitment to improving development workflows for gene therapies and AAV-based therapeutics. It consists of a Samux mass photometer integrated with a liquid handling robotics unit and Refeyn’s Acquire and Discover software. These work together to provide an easy-to-use automated system, requiring as little as one day of training to operate. The result is quick, reliable, and more cost-effective AAV characterisation, with automatic calculation of empty, filled, partially filled, and overfilled capsids. Refeyn has also introduced a new titer estimation capability to the Samux range. Both instruments can now provide an estimate of the concentration of AAV capsids in a sample as part of the standard data analysis procedure. 

“We are excited to continue the momentum of our new product introductions with the Samux Auto mass photometer”, said Matthias Langhorst, CPO, Refeyn. “The system builds on the already successful Samux, adding automated liquid handling to increase the efficiency and reliability of AAV characterisation for our customers, all while remaining a benchtop instrument. We are committed to innovating and delivering unique and cost-effective solutions to the challenges faced by our customers, and anticipate the Samux Auto having a significant impact in the field, helping speed up crucial steps in AAV development and manufacturing pipelines.”

Mass photometry is a bioanalytical technology first commercialised by Refeyn that enables the measurement of mass at the single-particle level by quantifying light scattering from biomolecules and other particles in solution at the benchtop. The technology can detect rare species in a heterogeneous sample and is serotype-agnostic, providing significant advantages over other methods of AAV characterisation that require more investment, space, sample, time and expertise to generate equivalent data.

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