Remote monitoring of milling plant operations

Published: 21-Jan-2016

Being able to see control screen information at another location offers many potential benefits

With advances in sensor and communications technologies related to the Industrial Internet or ‘Internet of Things’ machinery manufacturers and suppliers can now remotely monitor the operation of their machinery at production sites.

For companies where experienced engineers are responsible for operating more than one production system, particularly when in remote locations, the benefits of being able to see control screen information, at another location are tangible. However, increasingly, the capability of this type of monitoring technology is seen as having the potential to deliver much more.

The installation of Hosokawa Micron’s Remote Monitoring Solution on an ACM, Air Classifier Mill size reduction system provides manufacturers with a real and practical insight into the Hosokawa Micron monitoring system’s day to day functionality, benefits, market advantages and potential for getting the best from existing plant and equipment.

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