Rousselot to highlight new cell viability study on X-Pure at BIO 2019

Published: 9-May-2019

The gelatin and collagen peptide producer will exhibit at booth 326 at BIO 2019, the trade show in Philadelphia held from 3–6 June

Rousselot, a Darling Ingredients global company and producer of gelatin and collagen peptides, will highlight new research on its X-Pure range at this year’s BIO 2019 convention. As intensely purified medical grade gelatins and collagens, X-Pure has shown huge potential in biomedical applications since its launch last year.

New study: X-Pure for optimal cell viability

With unrivalled levels of purity and safety, X-Pure’s potential in advanced medical applications and research projects, has been clearly evidenced in a number of studies. Indeed, Rousselot’s R&D experts, in collaboration with renowned universities, have conducted extensive research to understand how these key ingredients behave in biomedical applications, where cell viability is key.

A recent study on the influence of endotoxin on cellular activities showed the positive effect of low endotoxin levels on stem cell differentiation and on cell viability during transport and storage. Further details can be discussed with Rousselot Research & Development experts at booth 326.

The X-Pure range: ground-breaking safety in biomedical applications

The natural origin and physicochemical properties of gelatin are crucial in the biopharmaceutical industry. Traditionally manufactured gelatins and collagens typically contain endotoxins which can exceed the limits recommended by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). High levels of endotoxins may affect cell viability in cell culturing or 3D printing applications, for example, as well as causing irreversible immune reactions when used in in-body applications.

Rousselot’s X-Pure is the first complete range of highly purified gelatins and collagens containing endotoxin levels below 10 EU/g, A biomaterial of choice, X-Pure is used in various applications such as:

  • Regenerative medicine applications, including implantable membranes, (stem) cell culture, 3D (bio) printing, advanced drug delivery and tissue engineering
  • Hemostatic applications for bleeding control using gelatin powders, sponges, strips, or fibers
  • Parenteral applications as a safe excipient for vaccines and other injectables to achieve optimal drug delivery.

At this year’s BIO 2019, visitors at booth 326 are invited to discover the latest scientific insights and the benefits of purified gelatin and collagen in biomedical and research applications. With a proven track record of gelatin and collagen specifically used in pharmaceutical applications, Rousselot is recognised for its global expertise, as well as the quality, safety and consistency of its products. Experts at Rousselot are also committed to offer personalised support to help customers accelerate their development and guarantee their success.

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