SAFC licenses proprietary monomers in Agilent agreement


Faster, more efficient RNA-based oligo manufacturing now possible

SAFC has entered into a licensing agreement with Agilent Technologies, making SAFC a preferred partner of Agilent in the sale of the latter\'s new nucleic acids synthesis products and technologies. This additional range of products complements well SAFC’s robust Proligo Reagents portfolio.

The product line addition builds on a previous licensing agreement and covers Agilent’s proprietary TC-RNA Phosphoramidites, which are highly regarded innovative chemistries that can enable customers to produce RNA-based oligos in the same timeframe as DNA-based oligos.

With these amidites, oligo houses, pharmaceutical companies and other contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs) can streamline deprotection processes, resulting in consistently high quality products that can be offered at competitive prices. Agilent’s proprietary TC-RNA Phosphoramidites are expected to provide customers with time and cost savings though improved efficiencies in oligo synthesis and shorter coupling times. This is expected to enable scientists to build longer oligos than has historically been possible.

The products to be offered by SAFC under the licensing agreement are O2’-TC RNA Amidites, specifically rA(bz), rC(ac), rG(ib) and rU. The products will be offered in prepackaged configurations to ensure ready-to-use availability for the most common synthesisers in the market: ABI 3900, Expedite, and MerMade. Initially, 0.5 and 1.0g packages will be available. Bulk configurations are planned to be in inventory at SAFC’s St Louis, Missouri and Hamburg, Germany facilities.

‘With more than 25 years of experience in amidite chemistry, SAFC has built up significant expertise in producing large scale RNA chemistries with their primary focus being to develop, manufacture and sell amidites,’ said James Powell, general manager at Agilent’s Nucleic Acid Solutions Division. ‘Leveraging our historic relationship with SAFC and Sigma-Aldrich, we are making our products available through a trusted manufacturer with proven, consistent high quality and know-how, which has the capacity to scale-up to meet market needs. We believe these factors will drive sales globally while providing unrivalled technical and customer support.’

‘SAFC is committed to understanding and offering solutions to our customers\' manufacturing challenges,’ added Sobia Nayyar, global market segment sanager, SAFC. ‘Agilent has invested significantly in developing high quality amidites that provide a more reliable process for RNA preparation. Offering this game-changing technology is expected to help SAFC customers produce RNA-based oligos at a rate consistent with DNA oligos and without a cost increase.’

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TC-RNA amidites can be obtained through SAFC\'s Business Development teams, with the convenience of on-line ordering at in the near future.