Sanofi and Regeneron restructures immuno-oncology collaboration

By Sophie Bullimore | Published: 10-Jan-2019

The companies announce selection of two pipeline projects to continue collaboration while independently pursuing other programmes

French-based company Sanofi and Regeneron in the US have restructured their global Immuno-oncology Discovery and Development Agreement. Signed in 2015, the agreement was due to end in mid 2020, but the restructure allows for continuation of the two clinical stage bispecific antibody collaborations alongside independent work.

Biopharmceutical Sanofi will be given the flexibility to advance its early-stage immuno-oncological pipeline.

Biotechnological Regeneron will retain all rights to its other immuno-oncology discovery and development programs.

Sanofi has reserved the right to opt-in when proof of concept is achieved or when the allocated funding is expended. Post opt-in the two companies will share the development costs and global profits equally, with Regeneron leading commercialisation in the US and Sanofi outside of it.

The companies’ ongoing collaboration for the development and commercialization of Libtayo, a PD1 antibody, is unaffected by the amended Discovery and Development Agreement.

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