Serialisation expert Supply Chain Wizard announces partnership with Medicines for Europe

Published: 20-Dec-2016

Strategic alliance made official following successful mid-December Pharma CMO summit event in Berlin

Supply Chain Wizard (SCW) – a leading full-service global consulting firm specialising in serialisation and traceability, supply chain strategy and operational transformation programmes – has officially partnered with Medicines for Europe, which represents the generic, biosimilar and value-added medicines industries across Europe.

Held on 12 December in Berlin, the co-hosted Pharma CMO Summit drew more than 100 pharmaceutical executives from 27 countries.

The summit was formed to serve as a resource for European pharmaceutical manufacturers moving to incorporate serialisation processes to meet approaching regulatory deadlines – 2017 and 2023 for the United States, 2019 for the European Union – the strategic alliance comes on the heels of a highly successful event of the same topic.

With Optel Vision as the main sponsor, additional pharma manufacturer sponsors such as Abbott, Teva, Mylan and Nordic Group, and leading third-party logistics and solution sponsors, the event was well represented by key players in the serialisation space.

With serialisation and track and trace deadlines looming, all parties were eager to obtain valuable insights into the challenges and intricacies facing companies in both Europe and the United States. Key to the event’s success were the networking events that provided ample opportunity to exchange serialisation advice and experiences with peers from around the world.

The event also showcased ways in which serialisation can go beyond mere regulation compliance to provide opportunities for enhanced business practices through data analytics produced by such systems. In this fashion, regulations once deemed onerous are actually opening doors to smarter manufacturing and supply chain operations.

As for the new partnership between Supply Chain Wizard and Medicines for Europe, the alliance brings together an industry advocacy group with a leading serialisation consultant, helping European manufacturers of generic, biosimilar and value-added medicines connect the dots between learning about pending regulations and actually meeting their requirements.

“Education about serialisation and track and trace regulations will always be ongoing but, as deadlines approach, it is time to turn informed plans into actualised, real-world solutions,” said Evren Ozkaya, founder and CEO of Supply Chain Wizard.

“As a leading partner for better healthcare, the organisation aims to increase the health and well-being of all Europeans, while also addressing the business needs of European pharmaceutical manufacturers,” said Adrian van den Hoven, Director General of Medicines for Europe. “Partnering with a serialisation and supply chain expert as well-regarded as Supply Chain Wizard helps us better serve both of these audiences.”

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