Shimadzu introduces AOC-30 automatic sample injection systems


Special features for the updated series include increased service life for reduced maintenance frequency, and space efficiency for a compact size that fits within the GC footprint

Shimadzu has announced the release of the AOC-30 series of automatic sample injection systems for gas chromatographs. The series is designed for reliable, long-term operation and supports remote working. The design enables mounting on GC or GC/MS systems with limited space availability, Shimadzu says, and facilitates system expansion based on analytical objectives.

The AOC-30 series automatic sample injection systems offer the automation, productivity and remote operability needed for next-generation laboratories, the company says. The series is designed to ensure anyone can operate the instrument and obtain expert-level results for routine analysis work in pharmaceutical, chemical and environmental fields.

The product offering is flexible for each laboratory’s needs, with several upgrade possibilities. The AOC-30i Single Tower autoinjector carries 30 samples and provides intelligent wash possibilities with 4 different solvents, where the AOC-30i Dual Tower features higher sample-throughput by simultaneous injection with two autoinjectors on one GC-2030.

As an automatic sample injection system, the combined AOC-30i autoinjector and AOC-20sU sampler cover an increased capacity of 150 vials, while the AOC-30i Dual Tower with sampler achieves high throughput with a capacity of up to 150 vials.

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Autoinjectors use a syringe to draw samples from vials loaded in a tray and inject them into the GC or GC/MS unit, whereas autosamplers do not have injection functionality but are used to supply samples to the autoinjector. Both units combined are called automatic sample injection systems. By mechanising the manual sampling (sample injection) process, they aim to increase productivity and improve the accuracy of simultaneous multi-analyte analysis.

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