Shimadzu to merge Fluidics Systems into Infraserv Vakuumservice


In 2018, Shimadzu took over Infraserv Vakuumservice which is based in Eching near Munich, Germany

Shimadzu will incorporate its Fluidics Systems Europe business unit into its wholly-owned subsidiary Infraserv Vakuumservice from April 2021. The merger combines the companies’ strengths to provide more targeted and better support for customers in Europe's industrial and off-highway markets. Infraserv Vakuumservice has experience in repair, maintenance, consulting, and sales capacities, in special solutions and training. Fluidics Systems Europe complements this portfolio with cast-iron hydraulic pumps and valve blocks as well as compact power packs and customised developments. Shimadzu’s external gear pumps and valve blocks are used in forklift trucks as well as pumps in construction and agricultural machinery. As before, Fluidics products will be marketed under the Shimadzu brand name.

Infraserv Vakuumservice serves customers in industry and manufacturing as well as research and development, primarily from the automotive, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, coating, semiconductor, and solar sectors. Infraserv Vakuumservice has been repairing and maintaining Shimadzu turbomolecular pumps as a service partner since 2010.

"We are confident that these changes will enhance the brand experience for our customers," said Frank Fabrie, managing director of Infraserv Vakuumservice. "The integration will be a smooth process and customer service will continue to be of the highest quality."

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The two units are also moving closer together geographically: while the Fluidics Systems Europe business unit was previously based in Duisburg, Germany at Shimadzu's European headquarters, it is now moving into the premises of Infraserv Vakuumservice. As of 1st April 2021, all ordering, delivery, and invoicing processes will be handled by Infraserv Vakuumservice, including all customer relations and sales activities.

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