Simple, single-use TFF solution for R&D or manufacturing

Published: 7-Nov-2013

Solentim claims significant time-saving advantages are provided by its new systems

Cell Metric CLD is a bench-top imaging station, which includes a 10-plate automated plate loader. The system addresses several key stages in the upstream cell line development workflow, including clone screening and documentation of monoclonality (for regulatory submissions), from either seeding single cells into 96 well plates with limited dilutions or by FACS sorting.

It also measures clone stability and growth rates by direct non-invasive cell counting in each well without having to remove a sample. Growth data can then be assessed with protein productivity measurements such as ELISA assay data in the same wells. In this way normalised protein productivity and titre can be calculated to identify and rank the best protein producers.

The Cell Metric CLD is capable of detecting all cells, even immediately after seeding, affording a significant time advantage. Automated clone imaging and screening have become a routine element of any new cell line development process.

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