Single-use economic solution for TFF

Published: 14-Dec-2010

Pre-sanitised cassette offers 50% faster processing

Novasep offers the first pre-sanitised, purpose-built single-use tangential flow-filtration cassette for the biopharmaceutical industry.

The Sius cassettes have been designed to offer comparable performance to reusable products at a fraction of the cost. Each cassette arrives pre-sanitised, ready to be equilibrated with buffer and used for tangential flow filtration processing. Each cassette is 100% integrity tested and certified for low TOC and low endotoxin.

Sius-LS cassettes are available in a range of surface areas from 0.01m2 to 0.1m2 and Sius process cassettes from 0.5m2 to 5m2. These cassettes have been developed using an innovative manufacturing approach that provides an efficient production process yielding a single-use cassette costing significantly less than the comparably sized reusable product.

Sius cassettes are completely interchangeable with existing cassette hardware making them an ideal choice for many TFF processes.

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