Tepnel Pharma Services takes first step towards employee ownership

Published: 12-Mar-2020

The QC company's transition to employee-ownership has been set in motion to generate a reciprocal culture that is on the rise in the UK

Tepnel Pharma Services, a Scottish pharma services company, has completed an asset transfer from Hologic.

In agreement and with support from Hologic, the Tepnel brand will be transferred to local management ownership, creating a company that remains based in Scotland, is owned in Scotland and which is scalable in Scotland.

Investment in Tepnel will support the management team’s plans to diversify into the field of ATMP’s and become employee-owned. The company says the transition to employee-ownership consolidates a belief in a business sector and philosophy that is on the rise in the UK, whereby employee-owned companies generate a culture of reciprocity that is competitive, profitable and sustainable, creating value for both employees, stakeholders, patients and customers.

The buy-out is led by Dave Scott, the current Senior Director of the Tepnel brand along with a team of experienced Life Science Professionals and Advisors including Davidson Chalmers Stewart LLP and Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP.

Scott said: “This is the culmination of a desire and belief in the Tepnel brand to stand alone again as an employee-owned entity. We believe that the business has huge potential for growth and we are very much looking positively towards this next stage in the evolution of the organisation. We have a clearly defined strategy for the next five years and are confident that we will achieve all of our targets.”


Based in Livingston, Tepnel is an MHRA, FDA and EMA approved GMP Quality Control (QC) laboratory and part of the Scottish life science supply chain, providing global QC and analytical services, which help to advance the realisation of safe medicines and a value healthcare system that improves patient outcomes.

The new company retains more than 30 years of history in Pharma Services whilst developing a future focus on the provision of pharmaceutical services in support of ATMPs.

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