TeraPore launches IsoBlock VF viral filtration products with proprietary membrane technology

Published: 7-Dec-2023

TeraPore Technologies, an innovator in nanofiltration membranes, has commercially launched the flagship IsoBlock VF product line for parvovirus removal from biopharmaceuticals

During evaluations at multiple customer sites across different novel antibody constructs, IsoBlock VF has demonstrated robust and consistent performance.

With both mammalian parvoviruses and surrogate bacteriophages, IsoBlock VF has shown high virus retention that appears unaffected by solution conditions and process interruption.  

Accompanying the launch of the IsoBlock VF Syringe Filter is the IsoBlock PF Syringe Prefilter Device, an adsorptive membrane-based prefilter, used to remove unwanted high molecular weight species from the feed immediately before size-based virus removal.

“IsoBlock VF products are based on our Intelligent MembraneTM platform of tunable self-assembled block copolymers. The platform is ideally suited for critical size-based separation applications, and we focused on virus filtration first because of the deep need for robust yet simplified downstream processes,” Rachel Dorin, CEO of TeraPore offered.

“Our precisely engineered membranes with tunable structures from 5–100 nm have high pore size uniformity and broad chemical compatibility, to deliver consistent performance in such critical applications.

The surface chemistry and membrane structure of IsoBlock VF were developed to minimize fouling for stable, predictable VF performance.  In addition, they come in a gamma irradiated and ready-to-use format.”
“Traditional VF options for compatibility with single-use manufacturing workflows are limited, hard to use, or do not provide the level of performance needed. TeraPore’s VF product provides biomanufacturers with a solution that is adaptable in traditional stainless-steel facilities or the newer single-use operations."

"The flexibility and expandability that TeraPore’s technology offers, combined with the talent that they have assembled, are what drew me to the company,” recently appointed President and COO of TeraPore, Mani Krishnan said.

“We are working together to disrupt the virus filtration market and to enable our customers to bring life-transforming biopharmaceuticals to patients faster.”
The team has worked to take the IsoBlock VF filters from concept to validation with multiple industry partners by testing difficult-to-process monoclonal antibody (mAb) constructs like multispecific antibodies and Fc-fusion proteins.

IsoBlock VF consistently demonstrated robust performance across a range of protein concentrations, pH and ionic strengths, with high retention of parvoviruses. The line will further evolve based on customer input and needs.

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