Teva to collaborate on new UK Government-led clinical drug development initiative


Teva to invest US$20m in clinical development in the UK and a further $1m for dementia research

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has entered into a significant collaboration with the UK Government’s National Health Service National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure (NOCRI).

The two-part collaboration follows the creation of an important new research infrastructure model by the UK’s NHS. The UK is a world leader in high quality clinical research. However, recognising the need to constantly innovate and improve, NOCRI has created a novel model that streamlines the approach to undertaking clinical development in the UK.

The new model provides a single point of entry into the UK healthcare system that cuts out the inherent complexities and inefficiencies of dealing with many and varied stakeholders within the combined medical and academic network on an individual and centre by centre basis.

Teva has an extensive clinical stage pipeline that is being developed globally and as part of this collaboration plans to spend approximately US$20m on conducting trials in the UK. This agreement enables Teva to benefit from the NIHR's new translational research infrastructure, its ability to set up and deliver studies, and access to well characterised cohorts of patients from within the NHS.

In addition, Teva has now committed to a three-year dementia research programme, providing funding of up to a further $1m for early stage work in UK academic and medical centres. This work will be focused on understanding targets, mechanisms and new approaches to treatment of different causes and types of dementia.

As part of the agreement, NOCRI will facilitate Teva’s access to the NIHR Biomedical Research Centres and Units in Dementia and Translational Research Partnership in Dementia. Teva will maintain the right to negotiate licences to these targets.

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'We are delighted to collaborate with NIHR on both clinical development and early dementia research,' said Dr Michael Hayden, Teva’s President of Global R&D and Chief Scientific Officer. 'The relationship between Teva, Israel and the UK is a long and fruitful one and I am proud that we can now add another example of us working together as partners for innovation and health.'