Thermo Fisher introduces 500 L capacity single use bioreactor

After launching a 50 L DynaDrive SUB in September 2020, Thermo Fisher has released the next-in-class size DynaDrive SUB

The HyPerforma DynaDrive Single Use Bioreactor (SUB) delivers improved performance and scalability for larger volume cell culture processes

As biopharmaceutical companies increasingly integrate single-use-technology into processes such as perfusion and cGMP manufacturing, they are seeking scalable single-use bioreactors. The DynaDrive S.U.B. offers superior scale and power compared to other solutions available, while also reducing capital investment and operational expenses due to reduced seed-train and scale-up processes.

The shape of the unit and BPC, the design of the impeller, sparging approach and the improved sensor technology were redesigned in order to optimise mixing dynamics, scale, and performance, Thermo Fisher.

It’s designed for applications in process development (PD), clinical trials and cGMP cell culture production.

The cubical geometry and design provides baffles in corners and better bioprocess container (BPC) fit, the company says. The device’s mixing times, power input per volume and kLa performance can support cell densities of >100 million cells/mL.

The drive train is integrated in the HyPerforma DynaDrive BPCs, which are made with Thermo Scientific Aegis 5-14 bioprocessing film.

The 20:1 turndown ration enables running the 500 L bioreactor in as low as 25 L working volume for seed train. The bioreactor uses TruBio software powered by the DeltaV automation platform.

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