Trelleborg advances contract manufacturing services for drug device combination products

Trelleborg's services enable the combination of components in any two or three product categories: medical devices, drugs and/or biologics

These capabilities provide start to finish product development and manufacturing for drug-eluting medical devices, designed to emit a drug over time to perform a certain action, such as fighting infections or blocking cell proliferation.

Trelleborg has an FDA licensed drug manufacturing facility able to deliver a quality system encompassing design, feasibility, prototyping, clinical builds, and commercial releases.

We have expanded our portfolio of silicone products, increasing our ability to work with many bioabsorbable materials.

The facility layout has been specifically designed for maximum flexibility and can deliver such sought after workflows as procuring an API, compounding the drug into the device, fabricating a drug component and assembling this component into a complete drug-device combination product.

“We are thrilled to have further expanded our portfolio of silicone products,” said Drew Rogers, Global Director, Healthcare and Medical for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

“It has increased our ability to work with many bioabsorbable materials and manufacture drug-eluting components, as well as complete drug-device combination products.”