Veolia extracts high purity water from difficult waste streams

Published: 9-Aug-2016

Veolia launches high recovery reverse osmosis (RO) systems

Veolia Water Technologies has added high recovery reverse osmosis (RO) systems for extracting high purity water from industrial, brackish and wastewater sources with salinity up to 10,000mg/l to its portfolio.

With sustainability at the heart of this latest technology, Veolia’s modular systems reduce concentrated brine by 50% to 75% and energy consumption by up to 35%.

The result is significant savings that quickly offset investment costs, the firm said.

There are six models in the high recovery RO range covering flows from 10m3/h to 100m3/h and can achieve up to 98% recovery.

The flexible systems feature controls that provide an automatic response to changes in feed water quality and flow, maximise process performance and minimise costs.

All the models are equipped with high recovery, low fouling premium grade membranes for low energy consumption performance and with a programmable logic controller with remote monitoring and control.

Optional extras include sodium bisulphite dosing controlled by feed ORP monitoring, antiscalant dosing and automatic membrane cleaning.

All systems are supported by Veolia’s AQUAservice packages and by a comprehensive range of water treatment chemicals.

Veolia’s high recovery RO systems are for use in the chemical manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries, among others.

Applications include recovery of wastewater for reuse in boiler or cooling tower make-up, and recycling of industrial process water.

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