Vetter participates in third University of St. Gallen benchmarking

Published: 8-Apr-2022

Previously, the company’s microbiology and chemical analysis departments received positive ratings in their benchmarkings

Global CDMO Vetter has participated in a lab benchmarking with its incoming goods lab in the past year. The University of St. Gallen (HSG) participated in the project as a scientific partner. This educational institution offers both a wealth of comparative data and is also familiar with regulatory requirements, like the FDA. This independent review is designed to supports Vetter's strategy of operational excellence.

"Comparing ourselves with other companies in the industry is an excellent way for Vetter to review our own performance and derive valuable connecting points for our laboratory divisions," said Dr Anne Kuhlmann, VP Quality Control. Using a standardised questionnaire, key figures on quality, cost level, and productivity have been raised. HSG evaluated the data and then compared it with other companies in the industry.

The results of the benchmarking have been published. The data says that terms of overall performance, Vetter is among the top ten percent of the industry. "The balanced performance result in the areas of effectiveness and efficiency is particularly noteworthy," said Gian-Andri Steiger, Research Associate at HSG. If the results in those two areas are in harmony, this indicates sustainably robust processes in the context of scientific benchmarking – while providing constantly high quality. "Vetter thus shows itself to be a stable and future-proof partner for its customers," said Steiger.

After the microbiology and chemical analysis departments had already taken part previously – with positive ratings as well – the audit of the incoming goods laboratory was the company’s third benchmarking with the university. "The collaboration with HSG was very sound and profitable," said Dr Kuhlmann. Another important outcome for Vetter: the network expansion of all benchmarking participants, including customers and competitors who take part in a monthly roundtable. This enables exchange on various topics that affect the industry and enables continuous progress to be made together for the benefit of patients worldwide.

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