West Pharmaceutical Services installs Impulse conveyor in cleanroom

Published: 9-Jul-2014

Sanitary electromagnetic vibratory conveyor helps West maintain the highest product quality

West Pharmaceutical Services, a supplier of packaging and delivery systems and components for parenterally administered medicines, has replaced a belt conveyor in an ISO 5 cleanroom with Impulse, a sanitary electromagnetic vibratory conveyor from US company Symetix. As the first Impulse to be installed in any cleanroom, it helps West maintain the highest product quality and improve production efficiencies.

'It is absolutely necessary that the equipment in the cleanroom [does] not have an impact on the product or room’s particulate levels,' said Tim Miller, Principal Project Manager at West.

'We spoke with several suppliers and considered various systems. We chose to work with Symetix because of the quality of the company's technology and its expertise in the pharmaceutical industry. We selected Impulse to ease line clearance and cleaning.'

Impulse is an electromagnetic vibratory conveyor built completely from stainless steel. Compared with belt conveyors, vibratory shakers are inherently more sanitary because they eliminate product contact with moving parts and present a flat-bed surface that is easy to clear and clean. The Impulse conveyor has no sliding or rotating parts to wear and no belts or bearings to fail. The energy-efficient electromagnetic drives are oil-free and offer low maintenance with no moving parts. The sanitary design makes Impulse suitable for use in a cleanroom.

Symetix is the pharmaceutical group of Key Technology, a manufacturer of process automation systems. Symetix offers worldwide sales representation and maintains demonstration and testing facilities at Key’s headquarters and manufacturing divisions in Walla Walla, Washington, US, and at Key Technology in Beusichem, the Netherlands.

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