Whitehouse Scientific launches ShapeSizer image analyser

Published: 18-Oct-2011

Complete systems can now be supplied for a wide range of applications

Whitehouse Scientific has introduced a new version of the company’s ShapeSizer image analyser, which was used in certifying the last BCR reference standards, and the system upon which they themselves are standardised.

Launched in September, the new ShapeSizer has a state-of-the-art CCD camera, high performance computer and sophisticated software. This makes it an attractive, cost-effective solution for a wide variety of industrial particulate applications where both size and shape are critical parameters.

‘For some time people visiting our labs have seen the ShapeSizer and have asked if we can make it more widely available as a product,’ said Whitehouse Scientific ceo Graham Rideal. ‘Until now, the analyser has been sold predominantly into the industrial diamond industry but I’m delighted that we can now supply complete systems for a wide range of applications.’

We believe that the ShapeSizer is one of the most cost-effective and reliable particle metrology tools on the market. It has highly user friendly image analysis software and is proving to be an excellent technique of particle characterisation for particles in the size range 1 – 5000 µm.’

Key features of the ShapeSizer include:

  • High speed, high resolution frame grabbing
  • Automatic cluster recognition and elimination
  • Particle separation and editing facility
  • A unique pixel correction for X/Y distortion in the CCD camera
  • A Miles-Lantuejoul option to maximise field of view without eliminating particles
  • A comprehensive graphical and tabular display of size and shape parameters
  • A sieve calibration option
  • A certificate generation for validation processes

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