Whitehouse Scientific shows ‘challenge testing’ expertise at World Filtration Congress


Will include information about its method for determining the cut point of filter media

Whitehouse Scientific is relied upon around the world as a provider of high-quality particle sizing standards and calibration microspheres, and will exhibit its filter calibration products and services at the 11th World Filtration Congress in Graz, Austria from 16–20 April.

The firm will provide details of its method for determining the cut point of filter media. Using specially prepared, precision glass microspheres to challenge the filter, it is possible to measure filter efficiencies within micron resolutions.

The Whitehouse Scientific method uses narrow particle size distribution standards and covers pore sizes from just a few microns to more than 600 microns. Results are highly reproducible and traceable to international standards such as NIST.

‘Challenge testing involves challenging the surface of a filter with actual particles,’ said Jamie Storey, managing director of Whitehouse Scientific. ‘Particle sizes are then measured upstream and downstream of the filter. The maximum size passing through reflects the largest pore size.

‘Challenge testing is one of the most robust methods of filter testing because we use spherical particles analysed by microscopy, where any out of shape particles can be eliminated.’