WuXi Clinical enters the CRO market

Published: 7-May-2019

The new company will offer hubs in the US and China as a result of its origin from the merger of Research Point Global (RPG) and WuXi Clinical Development Services (CDS)

The recently merged Research Point Global (RPG) and WuXi Clinical Development Services (CDS) are to rebrand as WuXi Clinical at the DIA Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Strategies Conference this year.

The 2019 event will be held in San Diego, and is widely seen by the industry as a key point in the CRO calendar at which major developments are announced, and with more of the drug pipeline emerging from small and mid-sized pharma, much attention has this year focused upon middle-tier CROs.

Two heads are better than one

The newly combined CRO employs some 1000 clinical research specialists across 20 global locations with two main hubs in the US and China. WuXi Clinical will continue to focus on the expanding opportunities across small to mid-tier clients, offering tailored, customer-centric, full-service global clinical trial management.

However, its expanded capabilities – including consistent global quality through unified processes – provide the additional benefit of serving as a seamless gateway into the recently evolved clinical trial landscape in China.

RPG has over 20 years of pedigree designing and implementing global clinical trials and capabilities spanning some 60 countries. The company brings long established, closely interwoven strategic partnerships with local experts from countries across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

WuXi CDS, the China-based CRO has deep regulatory knowledge within China and has undergone substantial growth in revenue, client base, and expertise over the past year. Coupled with WuXi’s some 2000-member clinical research coordinator team (SMO services organisation), WuXi Clinical has the potential to provide all aspects of clinical trial management necessary to successfully include China in global development plans.

Becky Carpenter, Head of North America/Euro Operations at WuXi Clinical, said: “Both RPG and CDS had extremely client-centric approaches; this really set us apart from our competitors and is ingrained in the company’s character. We act as a natural extension of our client’s in-house clinical team, providing executive level support to successfully deliver global trials on or ahead of schedule.”

By combining with WuXi CDS, the company has further enhanced capacity to provide tailored services, and serve as the gateway CRO to and from the US and China.

Giving insight into the new company’s upcoming activities, Johnathan Lee, General Manager and Head of WuXi Clinical, said: “Our targets for this year are to cement our offering amongst mid-tier pharma, and we anticipate good traction in the market. In fact, we have regularly benefited from working with returning contacts in these firms, as they have come to rely upon our unique expertise to advance trials. With our combined capabilities, we now have a crucial role to play in maximising new opportunities and working as a bridge between R&D markets in the US and China.”

The newly launched WuXi Clinical has spent the last eighteen months harmonising and completely integrating its internal operations.

First steps

As one of its first acts, the new company just acquired San Diego-based Pharmapace as a wholly-owned subsidiary. By integrating Pharmapace and WuXi Clinical’s China-based biometrics teams, the company can offer global customers efficient and cost-effective biometrics service essentially around the clock.

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