WuXi’s Pharmaceutical Development Services Division merges with STA

Published: 1-Aug-2017

STA Pharmaceutical – a WuXi AppTec group company and an open-access capability and technology platform for small molecule pharmaceutical development and manufacturing – has merged with WuXi AppTec’s Pharmaceutical Development Services division

The Pharmaceutical Development Services (PDS) division offers pre-formulation development, formulation development and Clinical Trial Material (CTM) manufacturing, packaging and labelling of oral solid dosage forms, including tablets, capsules, sachets and oral solutions/suspensions.

PDS also established various enabling technology platforms for low soluble drugs including spray dried dispersion, hot melt extrusion, micro or nano suspension and liquid-filled hard gelatin capsules. Two commercial-scale drug product manufacturing facilities currently under construction are expected to become operational later this year and early next year, respectively.

STA Pharmaceutical, after this merger, will provide fully integrated small molecule Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and drug product solutions to global clients, resulting in a seamless chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC) working process. The merger enables STA to advance New Chemical Entities from pre-clinical stage to New Drug Application (NDA) and to market faster and more efficiently for pharma and biotech customers.

This development enhanced STA’s end-to-end capabilities as a full-service contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO), and it anticipates rapid growth in clinical trial supply, especially amongst early stage targets, where there are practical benefits in working with one CDMO.

Dr Minzhang Chen, CEO of STA Pharmaceutical, said: “STA has been growing rapidly over the last few years. It was a natural progression for the company to add drug product to our API platform, in which we are globally renowned.”

Dr Ge Li, Chairman and CEO of WuXi AppTec, said: “The merging of the PDS division into STA is an important step for WuXi. Providing API and drug product services under one STA entity further strengthens WuXi’s comprehensive CDMO offering. Ultimately, our platforms advance vital new medicines through the development cycle faster, allowing our global partners to discover and develop better medicines for patients.”

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