Ziath delivers COVID-19 sample tracking packages


Two options for reliable tracking of patient samples are available

To assist labs involved with the essential RT-PCR assay part of the “test, trace and isolate” strategy for dealing with the SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic, Ziath has introduced two optimised packages for reliable tracking of patient samples submitted for Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing.

For large-scale, high-density Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing labs, Ziath has introduced a package that brings its Mohawk tube selector, Mirage rack scanner and Samples Software together to provide a reliable, high throughput sample-tracking technology bundle. The liquid handling needed for clean-up and extraction of RNA from COVID-19 patient samples can be done on robots with 4, 8 or 96 well pick up and dispense heads; or multi-channel pipettes of 4 or 8 channels can be used in manual mode. To keep track of these tubes, Ziath offers its 96-position tube selector, the Mohawk, which can automatically pop up tubes from within the rack as they are required, greatly simplifying retrieval and ensuring accurate tube selection under software control. With the co-ordination of Ziath's Samples software, a Mirage rack scanner and Mohawk tube picker are designed to work seamlessly to provide verification of original tube position in a rack and the location of any picked tube in a daughter or destination rack, updating the database with both pieces of information in real time.

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For labs specialising in testing larger Coronavirus (COVID-19) patient sample swabs, Ziath offers its 2D-coded Cryovial sample storage tubes. These are available in a large variety of volumes, up to 10ml capacity, and heights, which can accommodate almost any swab. These Cryovial sample tubes can then be stored, sorted and handled in Cryoboxes.  In combination with the Samples software, labs can use a Ziath Cube 2D rack scanner to quickly and accurately update tube position information in each sample entry, with the scanner being controlled from within the database software. A package that includes a cryoprotected Cube tube scanner, Samples sample tracking software and two cases of Cryoracks plus sufficient Cryotubes to fill these, is now available.

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