Noramco planning expansion in API market

Published: 10-Mar-2017

Noramco will outline its business expansion plan at the Drug, Chemical and Associated Technologies Association (DCAT) meeting

US producer of specialty active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), Noramco, has indicated its intention to focus efforts in geographic expansion, solutions capabilities and will establish new development and manufacturing platforms for generic and branded customers.

Bill Grubb, Vice President, Global Business Development said:

“Noramco is repositioning the company to serve as an innovation partner to the pharmaceutical industry, while still focusing 100% on the API market.”

The company offers both natural and synthetic routes to controlled substance APIs designated for use in attention deficit disorder, pain management, addiction management and abuse deterrence products.

“Every material we make and every technology solution we provide will be designed to solve problems and accelerate customers’ commercial projects,” said Grubb.

“This will happen at an accelerated pace, with additional focus on geographic expansion into emerging markets.”

James Mish, President and CEO of Noramco, will present the company’s new mission, strategy, and technology offering during the DCAT Member Company Announcement Forum, Monday, March 20th, Omni Berkshire Hotel, New York.

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