Opening of contract manufacturing provider Biovation Labs

Published: 23-Jan-2018

Biovation Labs has been developed from the ground up to provide companies with a partner to handle product manufacturing

Companies in the nutraceutical and supplement industries now have a new partner for contract manufacturing. Biovation Labs is opening its doors this month and moving into its new 104,000 sq. ft state of the art manufacturing and corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“Customers who partner with Biovation Labs will notice some key elements that immediately set us apart in the industry,” said Justin Bath, President of Biovation Labs.

“We specifically cater to the manufacturing, warehousing and fulfillment needs of nutraceutical and supplement companies. We have seasoned experts with decades of experience and we have designed our teams to be extremely customer-centric, resulting in a rapid turnaround time of often only 4–6 weeks.”

As certified cGMP, OK Kosher and registered FDA facility, Biovation Labs adheres to high standards and principles that clients trust and can rely on to help grow their business and deliver quality supplements and nutraceuticals to the market.

The company’s understanding of consumer needs and desires for nutritional supplements enables them to proactively strategise, innovate and provide solutions to their clients that drive product goals and enable growth.

Bath said: “Some of the world’s most successful companies rely on contract manufacturers because it enables them to focus on research and development and marketing without having to worry about the capital expenditures and risk inherent to manufacturing.”

“Our experience coupled with our supplement manufacturing technologies and supply chain expertise makes us one of the leading vertically integrated nutraceutical and supplement manufacturers in the industry.”

In the next several months, Biovation Labs will acquire the assets of several companies. The acquisition of these key assets fortifies and positions Biovation Labs as a leading supplements contract manufacturer.

The new corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. This expansive facility provides greater capabilities in delivering outstanding, quality products and services and paves the way for further expansion and growth.

The new facility reflects the vision and growth forecasts of the company and represents a major investment, not only to the company and its clients, but also to the state of Utah.

The headquarters is designed to accommodate more than 200 employees and includes a wide spectrum of manufacturing technologies including capsulation, packaging, blister packaging, powder fulfillment, 3PL distribution, temperature controlled environment, formulation capabilities, label printing and technical review.

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