Polyplus-transfection licenses ZNA oligonucleotide technology to Metabion

Published: 9-Apr-2010

ZNA technology provides for increased affinity for nucleic acids

French biotech firm Polyplus-transfection has signed a non-exclusive agreement with Metabion of Germany, for the manufacture and commercialisation of Zip Nucleic Acid (ZNA) oligonucleotides, a technology that increases affinity for nucleic acids.

Under the terms of the agreement, Metabion will manufacture the oligonucleotides for research and in vitro diagnostic applications.

Polyplus-transfection says ZNAs improve the performance of molecular hybridisation techniques such as PCR assays when used as primers or probes. They also increase the sensitivity of tests and the detection of mutations, and are easy to design and cost-effective to produce.

‘We see great potential for ZNA modified oligonucleotides due to the inherent (chemical) advantages they offer for state-of-the-art molecular biological applications,’ said Regina Bichlmaier, chief executive of Metabion. ‘Combining our own and our customers’ expertise, this new technology will contribute to increase r&d flexibility and progress.’

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