Qiagen invests in Digital PCR machines

By Sophie Bullimore | Published: 21-Jan-2019

Fully integrated Digital PCR machines will be in use by 2020 at Qiagen

Sample and assay provider Qiagen has said it plans to have fully integrated Digital PCR (dPCR) machines launching by 2020. The German-based holding company that provides services to process biological samples said the dPCR acquisition will increase its PCR capabilities. The process has marketable sales of an estimated US$150 million.

dPCR machines provide a new form of quantitative PCR. The only significant difference is the way in which the sample target is measured.

The machines have been acquired from Netherlands-based Formulatrix in an agreement set to be completed mid-2019. Qiagen is in the advanced stages of development using its technologies and automation, with Formulatrix’s key dPCR assets.

Commenting on the announcement, Peer M Schatz, Qiagen CEO, said: “The addition of a digital PCR platform is a logical evolution for our PCR portfolio.”

He continued: “As the use of digital PCR continues to emerge and gains utility across a wide range of applications in Life Sciences, we plan for expansion into applications for Molecular Diagnostics.”

Detection of copy number variations (CNVs) and rare molecular targets are sensitive applications that are well suited to dPCR. However, currently available solutions hinder lab efficiency.

The new systems offer greatly simplified workflows, bringing the ease of use of quantitative PCR to dPCR.

Qiagen revealed it also has plans to incorporate fully integrated and rapid systems, scalable instruments with high multiplexing capabilities and distinct plate configurations.

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