Reliable seals with THERMOLAST M

Published: 10-Nov-2017

With several functional components manufactured using a newly developed, medical grade TPE from KRAIBURG TPE, Aptar Pharma launched its ophthalmic squeeze dispenser (OSD)

Dry eyes can be caused by various medical conditions, such as diabetes, rheumatism and thyroid disorders and also by draughts, contact lenses or prolonged exposure to computer monitors.

Moisturising eye drops are a time-proven remedy. However, they seldom contain preservatives, which cause allergic reactions in many people.

Due to its microbiological safety as well as easy and precise dosing capabilities, the ophthalmic squeeze dispenser (OSD) from Aptar Pharma is in widespread use as dispenser for eye drops that contain no preservatives.

To further optimise the product, the manufacturer sought a thermoplastic processable material that allows direct contact with medications.

KRAIBURG TPE supported Aptar Pharma in choosing the material through to series production with a comprehensive medical technology service package. The result is a new component manufactured from a new THERMOLAST M material developed by KRAIBURG TPE for the medical and pharmaceutical market.

“In close cooperation with KRAIBURG TPE we were able to further improve the exemplary safety and integrity of the ophthalmic squeeze dispenser from Aptar Pharma, without compromising its intuitive and convenient use,” said Stefan Ritsche, President Global Market Development at Aptar Pharma.

Maximum purity and conformity

Purity, tolerance, quality, continuous availability and safety of the materials used are top priorities in medical technology and are subject to stringent regulations.

THERMOLAST M compounds from KRAIBURG TPE are tested in accordance with relevant standards such as USP Class VI, ISO 10993-4 (haemolysis), ISO 10993-5 (cytotoxicity), ISO 10993-10 (intracutaneous irritations) and ISO 10993-11 (acute system toxicity).

Guaranteed integrity

The ophthalmic squeeze dispenser from Aptar Pharma is the only repeated-use dosing system so far approved by the FDA for liquid medications that do not contain preservatives.

The design contains no metal parts whatsoever in the drug flux and is therefore also suitable for very sensitive formulations. The purely mechanical functioning principle of the seal membrane and spring unit eliminates the possibility of microbiological contamination of the liquid. KRAIBURG TPE has been working in cooperation with Aptar Pharma for a number of years.

“Early integration in the project allowed us to contribute our full range of know-how and experience and to offer our customer a TPE solution that fulfils all requirements, including the specified sterilisation”, said Oliver Kluge, Medical Product Consultant at KRAIBURG TPE.

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