Rousselot brings new perspectives for pharma and nutra applications

Published: 16-Feb-2018

Leading global producer of gelatin and collagen peptides, Rousselot, has announced that it will reveal two new products at its 2018 Innovation Days

In line with this year's theme, "New perspectives in the pharma and nutraceutical world," guests will have an exclusive first look at StabiCaps, a gelatin solution for more stable softgels and Peptan IIm, a hydrolysed collagen Type II matrix specifically developed for joint health.

The 2-day event will take place 14–15 March at Rousselot's Expertise Centre in Ghent, Belgium; and for the first time, it will be open to visitors from outside the company's customer base.

The event will feature a packed agenda including talks from external specialists and Rousselot's experts, a tour of the R&D and Application Laboratories and insights into Rousselot's innovation pipeline.

StabiCaps: enhanced stability for active fills

The first day of the event will be dedicated to Rousselot's innovations in the pharmaceutical sector and the role of excipients in capsule production.

Visitors will be shown the new StabiCaps, a patented range of specific gelatins that offers superior shell stability and API release, and will hear presentations on key topics including regulatory compliance and Rousselot's low endotoxin gelatin solutions

About StabiCaps, Claude Capdepon, EMEA Application Laboratory Director, comments: "We have conducted extensive research into the parameters that cause cross-linking in gelatin and we have developed a specific testing protocol to understand gelatin behaviour in the presence of crosslinkers."

"The tests we conducted on several gelatins, including those marketed with reduced crosslinking claims, were very clear: StabiCaps shows superior stability in the presence of crosslinkers, optimal dissolution of the shell and API release among other factors."

Peptan IIm, hydrolysed collagen type II matrix: preventive solution for healthy cartilage

During the second day of the event, delegates will learn the latest insights on the joint health market and the growth opportunities it offers.

For the first time the latest product in the Peptan range, Peptan IIm, will be presented to the public.

A bioactive multitasker of natural origin, Peptan IIm is an all-round joint health ingredient that offers multiple benefits in this critical area of health.

As such, Peptan IIm touches on all physiological aspects important to maintain a healthy joint. The science behind its benefits and unpublished research will also be unveiled at the event.

Lisette van Lith, Global Director Peptan, comments: "Peptan IIm is the ultimate solution for joint health, healthy aging and mobility as it represents exactly what consumers are looking for."

"The combination of short and long-term benefits makes all the difference in repeat purchases. At the same time, its effectiveness at low dosage makes it extremely easy to use in tablets, capsules and to formulate with and integrate into everyday diets."

"We are extremely proud of this new addition to the Peptan portfolio and I am very excited to see its performance on the market."

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