SHL develops drug delivery system for lyophilised drugs

Published: 12-Nov-2012

SDI-MIX NIT requires three simple operating steps

SHL has developed a disposable auto injector for therapeutic areas that require a drug to be lyophilised and reconstituted with a diluent at the time of treatment, such as treatments for MS, hepatitis C and severe hypoglycemi.

The SDI-MIX NIT features a 1mL dual chamber cartridge that allows for subcutaneous injections. The device features automatic reconstitution and priming of the drug to simplify steps for the patient. In addition, NIT (Needle Isolation Technology) means that the device comes with a pre-attached needle in a protected and fully sterile container so that patients do not need to attach the needle themselves and thus minimise potential for broken or bent needles.

The SDI-MIX NIT’s needle cover automatically extends at the beginning and locks at the end of the injection; this also protects patients from needle-stick injuries and allows them easily to dispose of the whole device with the needle hidden in a sharps container.

The auto injector also features audible, visual and tactile feedbacks to ensure that the patient is fully aware and feels comfortable during the whole injection process.

To use the SDI-MIX NITTM, the patient would turn the rear dial to mix; twist off the needle cap (the needle cover will automatically extend and the device will prime); and then press and hold the device against the injection site.

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