Silverson Laboratory mixers - built to last

Published: 18-May-2022

Silverson offers a range of capacities - from 1ml laboratory units up to some of the largest disintegrator systems on the market

Silverson Laboratory mixers have been sold all over the world to everyone from small start-up companies to larger international brands. They’re built to last – the oldest Silverson Laboratory mixer known to still be in use has been in service for over 70 years!

The popularity of Silverson Laboratory mixers can be attributed to their versatility; they can be used to mix, emulsify, homogenise, disintegrate and dissolve, with an efficiency and flexibility unmatched by other machines.

Unrivalled versatility

Silverson Laboratory mixers are used for a variety of mixing processes from simple liquid/liquid blending, forming emulsions and reducing particle size to more complex mixing applications in emerging industries such as electrically charged film for window tinting and exfoliation of graphite for isolation of graphene. They are ideal for all routine laboratory work, research and development, QA analysis and small scale production.

Silverson offers a comprehensive range of laboratory scale mixers which are used across industries as diverse as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Whether you are processing 1 ml or mixing batches of 50 litres, whatever your application, you’ll be sure to find a mixer to suit your needs.

Silverson Laboratory mixer range

The ‘standard’ L5M-A model is the latest development in high shear laboratory mixing. The advantage of a Silverson over simple agitators and stirrers stems from the specially designed rotor/stator workhead; the high speed rotation of the rotor blades draws materials into the workhead where they are intensively mixed, before being projected back into the body of the mix at high velocity. With this method, ingredients are fully incorporated and any agglomerates are eliminated.

With an integral tachometer, ammeter and programmable timer, the L5M-A offers a level of instrumentation invaluable in applications where process validation and repeatability are required.

For slightly larger batches, the AX series is a small scale production unit which has a capacity of up to 50 litres and is widely used in pilot scale plants and research institutes. There are over 40 workheads, screens and assemblies available for Silverson laboratory mixers. These easily interchangeable workheads enable any machine to perform a wide range of mixing operations and allow one mixer to perform duties that in the past may have required several different pieces of processing equipment.

The Duplex mixing assembly features two workheads facing in opposite directions; the upper head pulls materials down from the surface of the mixer, whilst the lower head draws materials up from the base of the vessel. This assembly is ideal for disintegration and solubilisation of solids and is used as standard in many facilities for aflatoxin testing.

Laboratory mixing in hazardous environments

For mixing in hazardous environments and applications in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, Silverson has developed laboratory mixers to meet strict regulations and safety requirements.

The Silverson L2/Air is powered by an intrinsically safe air motor allowing it to be used in ATEX zoned and flameproof areas, making it ideal for research and development in the chemical industries.

The Silverson Sealed Unit Laboratory mixer is designed for mixing sterile ingredients or hazardous materials and for working under vacuum. Processing can be carried out under conditions of absolute safety, since the mechanical seal protects sterile materials from airborne contamination and eliminates the risk of materials escaping into the surrounding atmosphere.

In-Line mixing at Laboratory scale

For applications where an in-line mixer is required, Silverson offers an in-line mixing assembly for the L5 Series, converting the L5 mixer to an in-line mixer/homogeniser with a throughput of approximately 20 litres/minute.

Silverson Laboratory mixers - built to last

Where higher throughput or a designated in-line laboratory unit is required, Silverson have designed the Verso, a bench top in-line mixer which can be supplied with a vessel package to replicate a recirculation process at pilot scale. The Verso offers an easy and accurate means of forecasting the performance of larger in-line mixers under full-scale working conditions.

Scale up

Some mixer manufacturers specialise in production scale models but have no laboratory scale mixers; conversely some offer high speed laboratory mixers that have no production equivalent. This can make it difficult if not impossible to scale up successfully from the lab to full production. One of the main advantages when choosing a Silverson Laboratory mixer for R&D or pilot scale production is the ability to scale up from the laboratory to full scale production models with ease.

Silverson offers a range of capacities - from 1ml laboratory units up to some of the largest disintegrator systems on the market - and because all Silverson mixers are manufactured to the same precision engineered tolerances anything you produce in the laboratory can be replicated in production and scalable results are achievable across the entire product range.

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