SPI Pharma launches Mannogem XL mannitol

Published: 17-Oct-2018

Enabling the production of difficult-to-compress and problematic formulations

SPI Pharma introduces Mannogem XL mannitol to the international pharmaceutical market.

It is an innovative approach to mannitol, designed to improve the formulation experience and enhance formulation performance.

It is a multifunctional, compendial grade of direct compression mannitol that provides superior compression and disintegration properties.

Sarath Chandar, Chief Scientific Officer, said: “Mannogem XL provides significantly higher compactibility compared with competitive alternatives while ensuring improved stability and dissolution of APIs, especially Class II and Class IV APIs.”

Customers will see productivity improvements from development to manufacture, resulting in major gains in final dosage form consistency.

Patients will enjoy a positive experience when taking medication, leading to compliance with their dosing regimen and higher satisfaction among caregivers/prescribers.

Chandar continued: “SPI’s Applied Innovation Group (AIG), in addition to the launch of Mannogem XL, is building a strong pipeline of market-relevant innovative excipient platforms and dossier services to help global pharma customers differentiate and manage their product portfolio.”

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