TAP introduces Cellmate Mk9 automated cell culture system

Published: 10-Oct-2013

Designed for safe, high-throughput viral vaccine production

TAP Biosystems, a supplier of cell culture systems and consumables for life science applications, is introducing the Cellmate Mk9 automated cell culture system later this month at the World Vaccine Congress. The system is for safe, high throughput production of adherent cell-based vaccines in a GMP environment.

Cellmate Mk 9 is an evolution of TAP’s established Cellmate technology which automates the manufacturing processes associated with vaccine production using adherent cell-based methods in roller bottles and T-flasks within a Class 100 laminar airflow cabinet.

The latest Cellmate system can be UL certified and include an in-line particle counter to monitor non-viable particle loading in the processing area. This monitoring helps address increasing demands from regulators for assurance about the environmental quality used in manufacturing processes. Cellmate Mk9 supports the OPC interoperability standard for industrial automation allowing users remote access to process information.

Dave Thomas, Product Manager at TAP Biosystems, said: 'The Cellmate system is widely accepted by regulatory authorities for use in the manufacture of vaccines that have proved difficult to adapt for growth in bioreactors. Worldwide, many of our Cellmate systems have been installed for the GMP production of influenza, rabies and chicken pox vaccines using Vero, MDCK and other cell lines so Cellmate is a proven technology with a good track record in vaccine manufacturing.'

Thomas added: 'To ensure our technology continues to provide a low-risk manufacturing strategy, compliant with new regulatory, validation and safety demands, we are introducing our new Cellmate Mk 9.'

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