ten23 health and Ypsomed collaborate to commercialise the YpsoDose patch injector

Published: 16-Apr-2024

The partnership will bring the drug delivery device to the pharmaceutical market quicker, whilst reducing development risks

ten23 health, a CDMO focused on enhancing the sustainability of modern medicine and Ypsomed, a developer of injection and infusion systems for self-medication, have entered a strategic collaboration to advance the commercialisation of the YpsoDose wearable injector for subcutaneous self-injection of large-volume doses.

Both parties will proactively invest in technology and infrastructure to offer the YpsoDose patch injector platform as a fully integrated solution for the subcutaneous self-administration of large volume injectables.

This comprehensive solution includes a ready-to-use cartriQ glass cartridge from SCHOTT Pharma as the primary packaging for the drug, the YpsoDose patch injector platform from Ypsomed and formulation and process development, filling, assembly and testing (QC) of the final product by ten23 health. 

Pharmaceutical customers will have the option to receive a rigorously tested and documented overall solution, which will significantly accelerate time to clinic – and subsequently time to market – allowing them to concentrate on their core initiatives.

The collaboration will harness ten23 health's expertise in the development, manufacturing and testing of complex formulations for subcutaneous administration while leveraging their comprehensive experience in the clinical and commercial fill & finish of complex dosage forms, including large volume cartridges for devices.

collaboration allows ... shortened time-to-market and reduced development risks of the biopharmaceutical drug/device combination product

“This exciting partnership with Ypsomed aligns seamlessly with our vision of a drug product in which the drug-device integration is taken into account from the very beginning of its design – where formulation, primary packaging and medical devices are equally important parts, providing stable, safe, usable and effective medicines to patients,” said Prof. Dr. Hanns-Christian Mahler, Chief Enablement Officer at ten23 health.

Ypsomed's platform enables its customers to have considerable freedom in the choice of components and partners to implement their own processes as needed. 

The integrated solution provided by the collaborating partners allows them to leverage knowledge and to collaborate throughout all necessary steps and components for an overall shortened time-to-market and reduced development risks of the biopharmaceutical drug/device combination product.



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