Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions offers prefillable syringe solutions for demanding low-dose applications

Published: 10-Jun-2022

Terumo, a leading manufacturer of injection, primary container and infusion therapy devices, has launched a prefillable polymer syringe for low dose applications such as ophthalmic drugs

The PLAJEX 0.5mL Luer Lock Silicone oil-free pre-fillable syringe is specifically designed for challenging low dose prefilled syringe (PFS) products, making it suitable for high-value drug applications such as intravitreal injection, thus enabling our customers to offer a safe, easy-to-use, and effective treatment option for patients with ophthalmic disorders.

As the latest addition to the PLAJEX Ready-to-Fill Polymer Syringe range, these primary container solutions come sterilised, ready for filling, offering silicone oil-free containers made of cyclo-olefin polymer (COP) with tight dimensional tolerances, as well as a clear dose mark for dose confirmation, enabling our customers to overcome ophthalmic delivery and commercialisation challenges.

Terumo’s proprietary i-coating stopper technology eliminates the need of silicone oil in the syringe system while providing consistent and predictable break-loose and glide forces.

It will prevent silicone oil being injected into patients, which is known to cause silicone oil droplet formation in their eyes. In addition, eliminating the use of silicone oil in the PFS system significantly reduces the subvisible particle load, and we enable our customers to fulfil stringent particle requirements such as USP <789> Particulate Matter in Ophthalmic Solutions.

Enhanced user experience is key. The syringe system is provided with a finger grip with ergonomic design and backstop function, an easy grip twist-off tip cap, and integrated luer lock for secure needle connection.

Philippe Lauwers, Technology Development Director, said: “This is an innovative container closure system that combines the unique values of a polymer primary container with the silicone oil-free rubber stopper technology to provide safe and more convenient treatments for patients."

"Our latest product demonstrates the company’s commitment to provide innovative technologies that support our customers and put patients in the centre of everything we do.”

Yuki Takeuchi, Associate Product Manager for Primary Containers, added: “Intravitreal injections are becoming an important addition to treatment options for improved eyesight or vision, and we have seen demand rising steadily during the past decade."

"There are several challenges involved in the design of a prefilled syringe for safe administration of ophthalmic drugs and other sensitive low-dose drugs. Therefore, we are happy to provide a solution to solve these challenges and improve the quality of life for patients.”

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