The sustainable benefits of plastic pallets in the pharmaceutical industry

Published: 27-Apr-2022

Plastic pallets offer the best combination of value, durability and choice. During the last few years,, the responsible plastic pallet company, has helped many new customers, including pharmaceutical organisations, to switch to plastic pallets, reports Managing Director Jim Hardisty

Thanks to their strength, dimensional consistency, minimal deflection and incredibly long lifespan — which is more than 10 times longer than a wooden pallet — plastic pallets can be the reliable and reusable piece in the operational jigsaw, helping organisations to increase operational efficiency.

Recently, a global provider of technologies and services that help to advance and accelerate the development and manufacture of therapeutics came to us for our expert advice. This global player in the pharmaceutical industry had recently opened a multimillion-pound facility in the UK to better serve their customers, reduce lead time for products, achieve well-timed deliveries and improve their sustainability.

After understanding the needs of the customer, we recommended our recycled IPS 1208 M3R Closed plastic pallet, along with our 1208 plastic pallet collars and GoPalletBox 1208 plastic lids. Their impressive performance, long-life span and flexible configurations made these products an attractive and sustainable option for the customer.

The customer ordered 1500 IPS 1208 M3R Closed plastic pallets, 4100 1208 plastic pallet collars and 300 GoPalletBox 1208 plastic lids, and uses them in the production and storage of vital vaccine components. This effective combination of products operated incredibly well. The pallet collars fit seamlessly with the pallets and the drop-on lids provide added security so the customer could safely store products in their racking system.

The pallet has a proven track record for long-term use and has racking capabilities of up to 750 kg. Its three runners make handling and retrieval with manual forklift trucks easy too.

The sustainable benefits of plastic pallets in the pharmaceutical industry

The customer benefited from this pallet, collar,and lid combination as it offered flexibility with the number of collars they could use, giving them different storage heights as required. It also provided container-like protection (with a solid base, structurally solid walls and lid) but with none of the wasted space when not in use.

The three components can be separated, stacked and stored, saving considerable space compared with a rigid pallet box that cannot collapse or fold down. Sustainability is a significant long-term advantage with these impressive plastic products too.

The pharmaceutical company now has complete peace of mind knowing that they will not have to replace the plastic pallets, collars or lids during the next decade or longer! The products will maintain their dimensional consistency and perform as expected day in, day out. This combination is also much more cost-effective for the customer, resulting in a profitable return on investment.

Even when the time comes to replace these products, the organisation knows it can rely on us to provide more of the same high-performing pallets, collars and lids, all while recycling the old products through our pioneering plastic pallet recycling scheme. An outstanding example of how plastic pallets can be a sustainable solution in the pharmaceutical industry.

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