TSI markets new laser aerosol spectrometer

Published: 19-Jun-2009

The 3340 Laser Aerosol Spectrometer, recently launched by TSI inc, is a high resolution multi-purpose airborne particle sizer that can measure particles from 0.09 to 7.5 microns at concentrations up to 18,000 particle/cm3. Complete size distributions are measured in less than a second with up to 100 user configurable channels of data.

This instrument features an on-board PC and is suitable for many applications including Filter Testing, Indoor Air Quality Studies, Atmospheric Research and Monitoring, and Inhalation Toxicology and Exposure Monitoring.

Back in April, TSI, a leader in aerosol measurement technology, announced it was acquiring assets related to the Helium Neon technology of Particle Metrics Inc (PMI). One of the assets from the acquisition is the Laser Aerosol Spectrometer.

The acquisition enhances TSI’s existing line of advanced aerosol instrumentation. TSI’s vice president of sales and marketing, David Stascavage said, “The Laser Aerosol Spectrometer has a long history and is well known for high resolution and ease of use. The instrument compliments TSI’s broad line of Aerosol Research instrumentation.”

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