Vetter opens bicycle parking spaces at Ravensburg site

Published: 3-Dec-2020

Since the beginning of this year, all Vetter’s German company sites have been carbon dioxide neutral

Vetter has opened corporate bicycle parking spaces at its production site Ravensburg Vetter Sued to support the company’s overall environmental activities. Through this, the company says it’s making bicycle commuting for employees as comfortable and simple as possible and taking a step towards being a green company.

The new bicycle parking facilities are protected from the elements and contain more storage space than previously, as well as battery charging stations for e-bikes and tool sets for minor repair work. In the coming months, additional company sites will be equipped with similar bicycle parking spaces.

Winfried Hermann, the Minister of Transport in Baden-Wuerttemberg said: “Vetter recognises that promoting its employees’ use of bicycles for commuting to work contributes to an environmentally compatible mobility.”

“Environmental protection is an active part of what we do and what we strive to stand for,” said Vetter MD Peter Soelkner. “We are always working towards making our company as sustainable as possible.”

The company has been using green technologies for several years now, it says. Its recently completed company headquarters Ravensburg Vetter Kammerbruehl was built according to the latest environmental standards. At the company’s centre for visual inspection and logistics called Ravensburg Vetter West, the company employs an initiative including the operation of an environmentally friendly block heating and power plant, the use of geothermal energy, the comprehensive use of excess energy and photovoltaic systems. All of these efforts are reportedly combined in an energy-efficient manner.

In addition, the CDMO has recently been successfully re-certified for its activities in the areas of environment, energy management and work safety. Commenting on the re-certifications, Vetter MD Thomas Otto said: “Our certified management systems help us to continuously improve our performance as well in these important areas. At the same time, successful re-certifications confirm that our long-term commitment to environmental protection, good working conditions and efficient use of resources are well-worth the efforts we put into our sustainability initiatives.”

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