Commercial opportunities for emerging infectious diseases vaccine developers

Although development of interventions for emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) has traditionally been limited by a lack of market incentives, novel funding mechanisms and global partnerships for outbreak preparedness are expanding the commercial prospects for vaccine developers, according to analytics company GlobalData

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Nosopharm chooses Evotec to advance next-gen Odilorhabdin drug candidate

The initial focus is on chemistry and manufacturing and control (CMC) to bring NOSO-502 to clinical stage

Boehringer Ingelheim opens Respimat plant in Catalonia

Facility in Sant Cugat, 30-minute drive northwest of Barcelona, will produce 25 million units per year; more than half ...

Boehringer announces multimillion-dollar investment to expand oral solid dosage production in Mexico

Cash injection to increase exports of anti-diabetic drugs to the US, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil

Pharmapack Europe review: Sizeable growth potential in 2019

Patient-centricity, eco-friendly and smart packaging trends mark the biggest growth drivers and innovations in 2019

Nelipak and Optel join forces on seal inspection technology

Alliance aims to commercialise a solution to verify quality of a thermoformed seal in real time while detecting ...

Recipharm introduces end-to-end inhalation platform

Platform offers service from early stage development through commercial manufacturing

Supporting precision with precision

As biologics steadily grow in pipeline development and commercialisation, they inherently require precise and ...

Nemera: RetroNose enhances therapeutic efficacy of nasal treatments

Drug delivery maker will present further findings of research at RDD 2019 Conference at the Estoril Congress Center in ...

Russian syringe maker is looking for manufacturing site in Belarus

Ural Medical Company and other manufacturers are looking to make connections between the countries

Bacteria as ingredients in skincare products: a manufacturing challenge

The concept of friendly bacteria is now well embedded in the public’s imagination, and various food and drinks ...

A new paradigm in vaccines and cancer treatments

Specialist pharmaceutical company N4 Pharma is developing Nuvec, a unique non-viral adjuvant delivery system for ...

Platform solutions for biotech pharmaceuticals

Today’s innovative pharmaceuticals and new approaches to cell or gene therapies offer new treatment solutions for ...

Encube Ethicals opens new topical manufacturing facility

The 350 sqm facility in Goa caters for topical products, including those containing HPAPIs

Vetter’s Skokie facility expansion nears completion

The expansion features storage space increase of 3,100 sqft, including a freezer farm as well as a planned walk-in ...