Recipharm, Medspray and Resyca enter into license agreement to develop nasally-delivered soft mist drug products

By Annabel Kartal-Allen | Published: 24-Jan-2024

Recipharm, Medspray and Resyca have entered an exclusive collaboration and licensing agreement to develop soft mist nasal delivery devices for single and combination drug products.

Recipharm, a leading contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) is pleased to announce an exclusive licence and collaboration agreement with Medspray and Resyca, to develop soft mist nasal delivery devices for single and combination drug products.

This collaboration extends the successful partnership between Recipharm and Medspray which resulted in the joint venture, Resyca; a company which is developing soft mist inhalers utilising Medspray’s nozzle technology to achieve high lung doses and less degradation of biological active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Under the terms of the agreement, Resyca gains exclusive rights to Medspray's proprietary spray nozzle technology for use in nasal devices and combination drug products. This collaboration enables Resyca to provide all aspects of turnkey solutions for both oral and nasal inhalation, leveraging soft mist technology.

Han van Egmond, CEO at Medspray said: "Extending this agreement involves combining our cutting-edge nasal technology with Resyca’s product development capabilities. This collaboration with Resyca will enable us to bring innovative solutions to the market that will redefine the landscape of nasal drug delivery." 

It is anticipated that the enhanced collaboration will result in breakthroughs in the nasal delivery of fragile biological formulations, such as mRNA vaccines for pandemic applications.


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