BES completes $4.8m refurb for Recipharm

Published: 14-Mar-2023

The 4000 sqm facility, located in King’s Lynn, has seen an extensive redesign and refurbishment

BES has completed a $4.8 million refurbishment on a production facility for Recipharm. 

The brief for the lucrative project was to design, construct and commission a production facility, which has now been completed and handed over by BES. 

The 4000 sqm facility, located in King’s Lynn, England, has seen an extensive redesign and refurbishment of a large section of an existing assembly facility first designed and constructed by BES in 2014. BES has carried out several successful projects at multiple sites over the years; this project originally created additional capacity to enable Recipharm to futureproof for expansion and the new adaptation allows Recipharm to realise that goal.  

Existing cleanrooms and fallow areas have been stripped back, remodelled, and refurbished to accommodate the latest injection moulding and assembly capabilities, with the existing offices retained and used throughout. Among the biggest challenges was the floor loadings for the substantially heavier new processing equipment and developing a plan for installation alongside construction.

Undoubtedly, it’s often challenging handing over by section, with ongoing construction demands

As part of meeting Recipharm’s carbon reduction targets, building services improvements have included the ability to utilise waste heat from the process systems for use in the HVAC plant. New chillers and air source heat pumps have been installed featuring new standby capabilities as well as an innovative recovery chilling process.

Recipharm’s FM Technical Projects Manager, Alfred Cook who led the project said: “This is one of the first of our facilities to include these sustainable production process solutions. This will benefit the rest of the business, as we will be looking at rolling out similar approaches across our other facilities as we make further strides towards greater carbon reduction. Overall, this has been a very good project completed within an aggressive timetable, enhanced by BES’s friendly, open, and honest approach which has made life much easier throughout.”

BES was principal designer and contractor and Colin Clayton, BES’s Senior Project Manager, added: “It has been satisfying to be able to maximise our knowledge of the facility from our earlier involvement and take it to the next level to meet the needs of smarter manufacturing capabilities. Undoubtedly, it’s often challenging handing over by section, with ongoing construction demands; nevertheless it’s been facilitated by close collaboration with Recipharm and has delivered a great result all round.”

This latest significant upgrade of facilities on the King’s Lynn site complements Bespak by Recipharm’s current inhaler manufacturing facility which is housed in a separate building.

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