SCHOTT Pharma releases first sustainability report

Published: 26-Jan-2024

They endeavour to acknowledge pros and cons in their sustainability approach and work towards a better future

SCHOTT Pharma, a company specialising in drug containment solutions and delivery systems for injectable drugs, announces the release of their first sustainability report, reaffirming their commitment to sustainable business practices and corporate responsibility. 

The report, aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, provides a holistic view of the company’s sustainability activities. Highlights include SCHOTT Pharma’s missions, their climate neutrality pledge for 2030, social responsibility, corporate governance, and their holistic sustainability view. 

“At SCHOTT Pharma, we believe in sustainability as a key driver to achieve our strategic goals. Together with our partners and customers, we’re taking a proactive stance in addressing the challenges posed by a rapidly evolving world,” explains Dr. Almuth Steinkühler, CFO of SCHOTT Pharma. “With this report, we want to create transparency for our stakeholders and take them with us on our sustainability journey.”  

“By releasing this comprehensive Sustainability Report, we aim to openly communicate our sustainability initiatives and achievements,” adds Arne Kloke, Head of Sustainability SCHOTT Pharma. “We remain dedicated to driving positive change, contributing to global health, and maintaining the highest standards of corporate responsibility.”

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