Sartorius collaborate with NVIDIA to advance manufacturing with AI

Published: 17-May-2024

The collaboration will aim to enhance research and development, as well as manufacturing protocols using artificial intelligence (AI)

Sartorius, a life science group and NVIDA, a provider of AI-powered computing platforms and software, are expanding their multidisciplinary collaboration to help enable the development of novel therapies and manufacturing procedures. 

"Biological interactions are exceptionally complex. Making better use of data by integrating life science expertise with AI solutions is a promising approach to simplify and accelerate biopharma drug discovery and manufacturing progress. This expanded collaboration with NVIDIA will help result in relevant technological innovations for our customers and ultimately for patients," said Oscar-Werner Reif, Chief Technology Officer of Sartorius.


Enhancing manufacturing and R&D capabilities 

Sartorius has been working with NVIDIA since 2020, with the company integrating NVIDA's technology into its instruments, enabling edge computing applications of its live-cell imaging platform for commercialised AI assays in the lab.   

The focus of the collaboration has been on developing predictive AI models of stem cell-derived organoids to replace animal models in drug discovery and precision medicine.

Sartorius is also using NVIDIA solutions for predictive bioprocess design and simulation tools for manufacturing innovative therapies.

The expanded collaboration includes increasing adoption of the NVIDIA Clara suite of AI-powered computing platforms, software and services in the Sartorius ecosystem. Plans involve creating and commercialising powerful foundational models based on Sartorius’ extensive and unique data sets.

In a forward-looking approach to innovation and technology integration in the biopharmaceutical sector, the collaboration will explore numerous advanced technologies, including the computer-based design and simulation of complex 3D-bioprinted spheroids and organoids or synthetic biological pathways and organisms designed based on Sartorius cell lines, to produce novel therapeutic agents and therapies.

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