Telstar achieves a 10.2% yearly reduction of direct CO2 emissions

Published: 13-Mar-2024

The company have endeavoured to improve their sustainability credentials, reducing their direct CO2 emissions by 10.2% in 2023

The results a carbon footprint study reveal that Telstar emitted a total of 10,740 tonnes of CO2 in 2023, which is a 10.2% reduction compared to 2022. 

The forecast is to continue with this trend, reaching 8.5% reduction of direct emissions in 2024. 

With the completion of a carbon footprint study, the company outlines strategic action lines towards being a carbon neutral organisation in 2050.

Since 2021, the company’s electricity source is derived from 100% renewable energy, which comprises of solar and thermal water-heating systems. 

Additionally, offices have been made paperless, reducing the use of materials in internal administration, as well as design and material manufacturing processes. 

Waste segregation, use of recyclable paper and replacing plastic bags has also been implemented across the company.

The company has also reduced their vehicular carbon footprint, with 86% of its fleet being hybrid and electric. 

Coinciding with the end of 2023, Telstar closes the first part of its sustainability strategy programme, which outlines the company’s plan to obtain net-zero status in 2050. 

The idea is based on including actions in the fields of efficient energy management, carbon footprint monitoring, effective administration of natural resources and appropriate waste management.

The second phase of the strategic corporate programme drives the company towards a sustainable development with essential SDG goals in the fields of new automation and environment and energy. 

This plan proposes some emission reduction scenarios aligned with Science-based Targets (SBT), which increase the scope of the calculations to include new emission sources and a mitigation plan. 

Telstar will encourage its distributors and collaborators to measure their impact and adopt the necessary measures to reduce business impact on the earth.


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